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OSHA s Form 300A Rev. 01/2004 Year 20 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration Form approved OMB no. They also have limited access to the OSHA Form 301 or its equivalent. See 29 CFR Part 1904. 35 in OSHA s recordkeeping rule for further details on the access provisions for these forms. 1218-0176 All establishments covered by Part 1904 must complete this Summary page even if no work-related injuries or illnesses...
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1,845,000 2,817,000 Occupational fatalities (2,113) (1,903) (1,973) Occupational injuries (1,836) (2,173) (2,177) Number of. 7,715 2,200 1,821 Number of deaths (8) (11) (12) Number of serious conditions (8) (11) (12) Number of. 806 2,176 1,820 Number of. 30 (18) (28) (39) Number of. 929 2,069 622 Occupational illness (12) (21) (37) (42) Reported injuries (3,867) (6,821) (8,828) Total injury cost. $746 billion $1,948 billion $2,128 billion Number of. 20,095 (4,967) (2,078) (9,849) Number of. 50,961 (6,932) (2,079) (11,871) Number of. 100,500 (7,000) (2,083) (13,500) Number of. 500,000 (9,000) (3,072) (19,000) Number of. 800,000 (11,000) (3,066) (25,000) Number of. 1,200,000 (14,000) (3,167) (39,000) Number of. 2,000,000 (16,000) (3,202) (52,000) Number of. 5,000,000 (18,000) (3,299) (75,000) Number of. 10,000,000 (22,000) (4,018) (100,000) Number of. 20,000,000 (28,000) (5,012) (150,000) Number of. 30,000,000 (35,000) (5,084) (201,000) Number of. 40,000,000 (41,000) (5,065) (230,000) Source: GAO report GAO-12-522, Workers' Compensation Reform. The most important reform is an expansion of the definition of serious occupational injuries and illnesses to include work-related exposures to chemicals, which currently exclude exposures to tobacco smoke but may

What is OSHA form 300A?

The OSHA form 300A is a document, that summarizes work-related injuries and illnesses. It helps the organisations to fulfill the requirements of employers to maintain properly-recorded accounts of work-related injuries and illnesses. Applicable instances for OSHA 300A form include, but not limited to, involving an employers who own work-sites that meet OSHA’s general recording requirements (1904.7) and additional recording criteria like “needlestick and sharps injury cases, tuberculosis cases, hearing loss cases, medical removal cases, and musculoskeletal disorder cases.”

What is the Purpose of OSHA’s form 300A?

The OSHA 300A dorm is essentially as simple as adding and filling in. The right side of the forms purpose is for an employer to enter the vital company information, including employment information.

When is OSHA’s form 300A Due?

300A OSHA form is requires that every employer fills out the form at the end of each calendar year, regardless of whether or not a work-related injury or illness has occurred.

Is OSHA’s form 300A Accompanied by Other Documents?

Some employers may be exempted from regulation, for example, such as those with 10 employees or less. While OSHA form 300A is general form required, “workers’ comp or insurance provider forms” is appropriate substitute and may be acceptable providing at least every piece of information covered in OSHA’s forms is also covered in the substitutes.

What Information do I Provide in OSHA’s form 300A?

After filling in all the vital companies information every employer should add the total number of employees that have been paid throughout the year. Then the applicant should include every type of employee, from full-time to part-time, freelance and seasonal. after which, the employee determines the number of pay periods  the company had during the year. The next step is to divide the total number of employees by the number of pay periods. Then result is rounded up to the next highest whole number.

Where do I Send OSHA’s form 300A?

Remember that injury report forms involve private health information on related employees, and that privacy must be respected with confidentiality. OSHA requires you to keep 300A forms on file for at least five years following the year the accident occurred.

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Hi this is the time of year that employers need to be posting their OSHA summary log all employers with at least 10 employees who are not in a partially exempt industry must be recording any workplace illness or injury that occurs throughout the year then on February 1st you need to be prepared to post your OSHA summary log which is the 300 a posting is required to be up from February 1st through April 30th and if you didn't have any injuries or illnesses in the preceding year you still need to post the form just be sure that you put zeros at all the columns now you're all set if you have any questions about these forums or if you need copies of the forms please go to our website or contact the hotline and check out our training calendar regularly for upcoming safety briefings and roundtables
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